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Rates and Booking Info

We book directly over the phone to prevent double-bookings or booking a boat that is on a lake other than the one you'll be visiting.  Call or text 678-744-7449, or email

Rates and Booking Info

**Cash discounts are available since we won't have processing fees.**

The one day total for a regular pontoon boat or jet ski rental is $424.50 by card or $380 cash.  Half day rentals are $298 ($260 cash) based on availability.

The water slide boat is $588 for one day, or $500 cash.  Half day water slide boat rentals are $388.50 by card or $340 cash, based on availability.  Multi-day discounts are available for all boats.

In order to provide service for more of our customers, we are unable to offer discounts on Holiday rentals (Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th, Labor Day Weekend). 

Please contact me by text, chat, email, or phone call to verify availability and please include which lake you are inquiring about.

All one day rentals are same day rentals.  Boat rentals are due back before dark. 

*All rentals are not finalized until telephone confirmation is received and rental agreement is signed.   

*For 1/2 day rentals:  These rentals run from 9-1 and 1:30-5:30 for the jet ski and 9-1:30 or 2-6:30 for the boat.

*Fuel is NOT included in the rental price.  You only pay for whatever fuel you use.

*Lake Martin Jet Ski rentals may be subject to an additional delivery fee, depending on where you would like it delivered.

*No towing of any tubes, skiers etc. is allowed from any of our rental crafts.

*Pets are not allowed on the rental crafts.

Booking Info: FAQ
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